Importing Leads or Contacts into Your CRM



Importing Leads or Contacts into Your CRM

You can import leads or contacts into your CRM with a simple or advanced CSV import.  Most people can use the simple import options, with fewer fields available, some people will find the advanced lead import more suitable to additional field data they need to import.

*Note: If you determine that neither the simple nor advanced lead import brings all the data that you need, or you would like to explore the cost of having an Inside Real Estate technician run the import for you, please send a request to with the subject line: "Lead Import Request"

The video below reviews the process for a simple lead import, using the import templates attached.  Please note the import defaults as described below.
The Simple Lead Import Template leverages the following defaults:
  • For Lead Statuses, use the following mapping of lead status ID to the Status in the System:
    • 1 - New
    • 2 - Contacted
    • 3 - Appt Set
    • 4 - Buyer Broker
    • 5 - Listed
    • 6 - In Contract
    • 7 - Closed
    • 9 - Bad Number
    • 10 - Junk
    • 11 - Hot Lead
    • 12 - Long-Term
    • 13 - Short-Term
  • For Lead Location, format as: City, ST
  • Deal Types supported: buyer, seller, rental, both
  • The Optin setting on email uses 1 for Opted In or 0 for opted out
  • Dates are formatted in "Unix Timestamp" - most spreadsheet programs (like Excel) can be used to change into this format
  • Assigned Agent ID field references the ID of the agent in the Inside Real Estate system
  • The agent Notes field is a field available for general notes- this does not add notes to the timeline
  • phone numbers should have no formatting (numbers only)
Once the leads are imported into your system, you can use the rollback feature if any of the lead data is incorrect or you determine you need to re-import the data.

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