Why do some leads come in as phone numbers and show 'Tracked Call'?

Tracked Call

'Tracked Call' means that this lead came into the system by calling your trackable phone number, and that this lead was not previously entered into the system. For example, you may have had your trackable number listed on a yard sign or postcard, and an interested buyer who was not currently a contact in your database called that number. Because the system doesn't know who is calling, it lists the number only as the name. And it records the message from your prospective buyer if he or she left one.
This is meant to save you time and speed up your lead capture. It means that any lead who calls your trackable number will enter the system, without you having to enter it yourself.
Note: Make sure that, once you call the lead, you fill in the contact details. Click on  Expand Details from your lead window and enter in the additional information you get from your contact (Name, Email, etc.).

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