Lead Distribution

Lead Distribution

*Lead Distribution settings are found in the Team & Actions Center tab, under the Lead Dist. & Acceptance Rules.

Agent Lead Distribution

An important aspect of lead management, is distribution of leads to agents.  Leads can be automatically distributed in your Home Junction System to agents based on a lead distribution pool and some logic for the lead distribution.

Currently, there are two options for lead distribution:

  • Round-Robin Assignment - Sends to agents Round-Robin within a pool
  • Blast Assignment (Acceptance must be enabled) - Send notification to multiple agents at once, and the first to accept the lead, gets it.
Lead Acceptance
Leads can be offered to agents and automatically assigned to them (available on Round-Robin) or offered with a required step of accepting the lead (available on either Round-Robin or Blast).
Time-Out Settings
With lead acceptance enabled, there is a concern for leads not being accepted or acted upon within a reasonable period of time.  For this reason, there is also a Time-Out setting that allows the admin to configure a period (in minutes - ie. 10 minute time-out) in which the lead must be accepted, otherwise the lead will be presented to the next person in line, or automatically assigned to a default agent or user.
Lender Lead Distribution
Lender partners can also receive leads in an automated assignment rule.  The same options available in Agent lead distribution apply to Lender lead distribution, and are setup in the same tab within the system.

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