Start Action Plan Based on a Lead Tag or Group

Start Action Plan Based on a Lead Tag or Group

You can start an action plan based on a lead tag or group by following the steps outlined in the Video Below.

Video Timeline

Start Action Plan Based on a Lead Tag or Group (Video)


General intro discussing how to create action plan triggers based upon a lead group or lead tag.

0:22 Login to backend:

Proceed to login to the backend of your website by going to the admin page.

For example: admin

0:34 Set Up Action Plan:

Select the  Team & Actions center in your top navigation. From here select the sub tab titled Action Plans. To add a new action plan just simply click the Add Action Planbutton.

1:20  Start Triggers/End Triggers:

Add Start trigger, and leave your module as  Lead/Contact. For Field you'll select Group. The Logic we'll use for this will be the Is Logic. Then you'll select the tag you'd like to use for your start trigger inside the Value section. Once your triggers are set up you can add the action plan and then refresh your page to see it in your list of action plans.

2:40 Add Timed Action:

When you add a timed action to your plan you'll have the choices to send out a sms or email message based on the templates you have. Which you can edit and choose in the timed action settings. Select your correct modules; For this one we did  Agent to Contact. Then just select add timed action to insert this new action to your plan.

3:48 Add Tag To Lead:

For your action plan based on a group tag to work you would just need to add your lead(s) to the specific group tag your action plan is using. Once you add them the action plan will automatically launch from there.

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