Follow Up Boss - Email Integration

Within the notifications settings of any gravity form, we can set up the ability to send leads directly to Follow Up Boss for our clients. In order for the information to parse correctly, it must be formatted exactly the way it is outlined below.

Forms > Select gravity form > Settings > Notifications

Click on each notification that needs to go to Follow Up Boss.

In the BCC field enter the agent's email address that is linked to their Follow Up Boss account. You can find your address on the "My Settings" screen inside of the Follow Up Boss website, according to  The Documentation on their site.

In the Message field, the text should be formatted with the following information, and correlating variables. These variables and more can be found in the small drop down menu to the right of your Visual/Text tabs in this field. * If this lead is being sent from a contact form or one that requires less information, consider using the shorter format that Follow Up Boss accepts *

Full Format:

Name: {Name:1}<br>Email: {Email:2}<br>Phone: {Phone:3}<br>Price: {hjiRidx.listPrice}<br>Source: {embed_url}<br>Notes: {Message:4}

Shorter Format:

Name: {Name:1}<br>Email: {Email:2}<br>Phone: {Phone:3}<br>

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