Email Delivery - Home Junction Hosting

Email delivery to your clients and perspective clients is very important. When your website is hosted by Home Junction, on our state of the art web servers, you can rest assured that your emails will be deliverable. This article will explain how the email system works.

The From Address

When an email is sent from your website it will use the email address set as the admin of your website. This address could be from the domain of your website or an entirely different domain (like, or another mail provider). Here is what the email might look like to a recipient in gmail....

You might notice the via part of the email header above. This is because the email is not actually sent BY the bold address. The email is sent by on behalf of your admin email address. This means that the email originated from our domain and all checks against SPAM and domain ownership are done on the domain.

Email Deliverability

Since Home Junction is sending your emails that originate from your website, it's our responsibility to make sure that emails are deliverable. We manage the process of ensuring deliverability and the trustworthiness of our domain reputation so that you don't have to.


If you're thinking "What the heck does DMARC or SPF mean?!?".... no need to worry, as we have that part handled. If you're wondering whether you need to adjust these settings on your domain name, the short answer is no. You shouldn't need to worry about these records.

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