How To Set Up A Real Estate Facebook Page

A step-by-step guide to setting up your Real Estate Facebook page!

1. Log into your personal Facebook account. 
2. Go to "Create Page" and click on the little downward arrow at the top right of your Facebook Page. Select "Create Page".
3. Select a category: 
a. Local Business or Place (if you have a physical office where you welcome walk-ins or meet clients) 
b. Company, Organization or Institution (if you do not have a physical office, or you have multiple physical addresses - Brokerage with multiple offices)
4. If you select “Local Business or Place” - You will see the screen below. Click on  “Choose a Category” and select “Real Estate”. Fill out the rest of the form - Brokerage Name or Realtor Name, Street Address and Phone Number (so people can contact you). Click on “Get Started”.  When you fill out your physical address, Facebook will automatically make the “Check In” feature available so your clients can make it known on Facebook when they are visiting your offices. 

5. If you selected “Company, Organization or Institution” - You will see the screen below. Click on “Choose a Category” and select “Small Business” (Real Estate is not available). Fill out your company name and Click on “Get Started”.
6. Upload a Professional looking Headshot or Team shot as your profile photo or replace it by your Logo. If you would like people to trust your brand, it is best to use your headshot in that space. 
7. Fill in your company information. Click “Update Info” and add all the important business details. Add as much information and detail as you can. Facebook users want to know that they can trust the content you will be posting and as such, the more you tell about yourself the more they will trust you and your content. 
8. Add in a cover photo. This will become the “Header Image” of your Facebook Page. It is a good idea to switch these out regularly, perhaps you could use photos of new listings or just sold listings, which you could overlay with your logo.
9. Start posting updates! Now you are all set and you can start posting new listings, just sold listings, “what is your home worth?” posts, Blog posts, neighborhood info, Instagram photos … and so much more.

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