How do I add a rIDX Search Widget to a Page?

The rIDX Quick Search Widget is an important part of your website. It's what your users will use to search properties and filter down the thousands of properties listed in your MLS. There are multiple ways to create a search widget on a page and this article will outline the different methods below and how each method works.

Quick Search Widget Types

WordPress Widget

From the Appearance > Widgets page of the WordPress admin, find the HJI rIDX: Quick Home Search widget and drag it into place on the sidebar of your choice. You can then adjust the settings of the search form in the widget settings.

Widget Settings

  • MLS - Choose the MLS market you want the widget to search in for results.
  • Listing Types - Choose any listing types you want to isolate the search form to. This will exclude any non-selected Listing Types from any search results using this particular widget. Leave these options unselected to allow the search widget to show all types in the results. (Please note: if you choose any property types to filter results by, once the user submits a search and lands on the search results page, they will be able to alter the filtering and expand their search on the results page.
  • Render as - You can choose to represent the Listing Types as a radio field or a select field.
  • Widget Layout - The standard view is Horizontal layout, but when placing the widget into a sidebar or somewhere "narrow" on a page, you'll probably want to select the Vertical layout.


You can insert the Quick Search Widget on a page using a shortcode. All the settings that are available to the WordPress widget are available to the shortcode as shortcode parameters. Below is an example of the shortcode with all it's properties...

[idx_search_widget mls="crmls" property_type="residential,commercial" horizontal="1" sort_field="price" sort_order="desc"]

Attached to Listing Shortcode

When displaying listing results on a page using the rIDX shortcode you can also choose to have the Quick Search Widget displayed at the top of the results. To do this, simply add 2 parameters to your listing shortcode....

search_widget="1" search_widget_prepopulate="1"

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