Creating a Hidden Page

Ever wanted to create a page that you could share with specific people but that wouldn't be public to the world? It's easy with WordPress. There are a few options for making this happen on your WordPress powered website. Below we've outlined these options.

Hidden (but public) Page

  1. Create and publish a WordPress page in the standard method.
  2. Mark the page as noindex / nofollow in Yoast SEO settings

Because you aren't adding the page to any of your website menus and it's not being indexed or followed by Search Engines, it should be known publicly. It'll essentially be hidden in plain site. Then you'll be able to give out the URL to anyone you want to visit the page and they can see it without an issues.

Password Protected

  1. Create and publish a WordPress page in the standard method.
  2. Under Visibility mark the page as Password Protected and give the page a simple password.

Once the page is published, the content will be hidden unless the user enters the password you created in step 2 above. Then you can give anyone the URL and the password to view that page and your content will be hidden from prying eyes. You can also go one step further and follow step 2 in the previous option to mark the page as noindex / nofollow so that the page cannot be found in Search Engines.


Either method should provide a simple and easy way to hide content on your website that you can share with select individuals. But remember: these methods will not prevent a hacker or someone with more technical skills from being able to find this webpage. So please do not post any sensitive information that you are not ok with being public. Once on the internet, it's out there for just about anyone to get their hands on with enough time/energy/knowledge.

Note: These instructions are written for websites created and hosted on the Home Junction, Inc. platform utilizing WordPress as a CMS. Our websites are created with the Yoast SEO plugin installed which allows you to easily mark the pages as noindex / nofollow. Without the Yoast SEO plugin installed you will not be able to easily mark your pages in this way and search engines will index them as normal.

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