How To Update Your Admin Email

Updating the Admin Email Address on HJI Websites

From time to time you may need to update your email address. Maybe your brokerage name has changed or you are moving on to other positions and need to update the address you are reached at. When this occurs, it is important to also update the admin email address of your HJI Website so your users inquiries and requests will still reach you and your lead generation can continue. There are 3 places where the email needs to be updated on your HJI Website. Two are true of all WordPress websites, but the remaining location is specific to HJI Websites. The video below will walk you through the process of updating your email address or you can follow the steps below the video.

Update #1 - The Admin Email

The first place that will need to be updated is the general WordPress admin email. This is used when WordPress sends updates about core version updates, general notifications, and user sign ups. The field to update can be found using the sidebar menu in the WordPress Dashboard. From the back end of your website, go to  Settings >  General. The page that opens contains the field we want to edit, called Email Address. Add the new email and confirm the change in the email you will receive at the updated address. Done!

Update #2 - Your User Account

The second place to be updated is the email address associated with your user account on your HJI Website. This is part of you login information, and is used to reset your password should you forget it. If the email address is not updated here and you lose access to the email account under your HJI Website user account, you will be unable to reset the password and will need to contact HJI for support. To perform this update, click on the Users tab in the sidebar of your HJI Website Dashboard (note that this is NOT  HJI Users). From there, hover over your user account and click Edit beneath your photo. In the page that opens, scroll down a bit until you see the Contact Info header with Email (required) as the first field beneath the header. Simple add your new email address to that field and save the page using the Update Profile button at the bottom. Done!

Update #3 - rIDX General Settings

The final location to be updated is your rIDX leads email address. This email is used for rIDX Listing specific alerts and notifications and is used by some clients to feed listing inquiries to a CRM. Click on Responsive IDX in the WordPress Dashboard sidebar and in the page that appears update the email address listed as Leads Email Address. It is the 4th item under the General tab.


Once the 3 updates above are completed (and approved, in the case of the WordPress Admin Email), you have successfully updated the contact points of your HJI Website! Well done!

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