Image and Media Copyright Info

Adding images, video or other media to your Home Junction powered website is easy. Because our websites are built on WordPress, all of the standard processes apply for uploading and posting media to the pages of your website. Home Junction offers images from our image library as part of our website build process or with one of our marketing packages. These images are free for use on your Home Junction powered website or within marketing copy but may not be used on Social Media posts (including but not limited to facebook, twitter, instagram, yelp, myspace and more).

Media Rights and Ownership

By hosting your website with Home Junction you agree to the following terms regarding media files.

When uploading your own media (images, photos, movie, video, film clips, PDF files, spreadsheets, business documents or other media types) you are representing and warrant that you own all rights in and to any content uploaded by you, or imported, copied or uploaded by Home Junction, Inc. for you. Home Junction staff are unable to find media for you or your project that comes from anywhere other than our approved media library.

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