Area Shape Bias

Home Junction Real Estate applications are different than most other similar applications. Where many IDX applications filter results based upon the direct data entered into an MLS feed, Home Junction location filters use our proprietary location shape data. Because of this, there are situations where you might think " Why are my listings not showing?" or "Why is this zip code or neighborhood shape wrong?". You can find some answers to these questions on this page.

What is the Area Bias

There are 2 types of city level shape areas in the Home Junction system: Postal Cities and Census Places. It's a complicated situation because depending upon the location of the shapes the preferred bias could be either Postal Cities or Census Places. For more information about why there is a bias or how it works, visit the Slipstream documentation for Area Bias.

How to Control the Bias

If you're using our WordPress plugin system you can control which bias is used for your website. You'll need to know PHP and the WordPress hook system to change the bias. Follow  these instructions on our developer documentation website to change the area bias.

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