Home Junction WordPress Plugin Docs

Home Junction offers an extensive list of WordPress plugins to enable you to add various functionality to your WordPress powered website. Below is a list of our most common plugins and the functionality they add...

Plugin List

Plugin Name What it does
Membership Controls authentication and loads other plugins.
Responsive IDX (aka rIDX) Displays IDX / MLS listings.
Users Allows end-users to create an account, save IDX searches, favorite listings and receive notifications about each.
GeoFarms Profiles Geographic areas for agents and brokers to show city or neighborhood specialization.
Agent Roster Adds support for agent and office profile pages. Also adds support for agent testimonials.
Pocket Listings Adds support for hand entered listings. Can be used for off market listings. When used with rIDX can import an agent's or office's IDX listings.
Listing Socializer Automatically creates a new blog post when an agent or office publishes a new IDX listing.
Blvd Framework Used with HJI Themes to share logic between themes. Adds drag-and-drop page builder functionality.


All HJI plugins follow a set of established patterns and try to adhere to WordPress development best practices. One place our plugins deviate from WordPress best practices is the code formatting. We change it up a bit because we like to be different  smiley

Customizing Plugin Templates within a Theme

Themes, parent and child, can override plugin templates. Documentation for customizing templates is here.

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