Map Search Setup (SpatialMatch 2.0)

With the release of the rIDX plugin version 3.3.0 the new map search is available to all users. Currently, the map search is self contained and a separate part of the website where it's installed. The map search will instantiate itself automatically on the  search slug of the website. Please ensure that this slug is available for use by the map based search component.

How the Map Search Page Works

The new map search functionality in rIDX 3.3.0 creates a new page on your website using the  search slug and installs itself there automatically upon upgrade. You'll want to make sure you don't already have a page using the search slug and then simply create a new menu item or link to this page. WordPress won't recognize it as a reserved slug so any page that currently uses search as it's slug will be overridden.

Please Note: Currently, the first version of our new map search doesn't connect to standard rIDX or Blvd search forms. These forms will still submit to the standard rIDX grid/list view with its own small google map. It's planned to integrate the standard search forms with the map search in a future update.

One key concept of the map search is that the page is rendered without WordPress. This means that there will not be any standard WP hooks once the template system is fired up. We hook into  template_includes to load our custom template in place of anything from your theme. No theme header or footer is loaded as part of the map search template. This is why your logo, the color scheme of your theme and no other theme related scripts are loaded.

Home Junction Theme Support

If you are using a Home Junction theme (a theme which is part of the Boulevard theme framework) then map search component support is built in and you shouldn't need to do anything for it to work. Your brokerage logo and site copyright message should appear automatically on the map search page.

3rd Party Theme Support

If you are using the map search on a theme not built by Home Junction, there may be some additional steps required to get your logo to appear on the map search page. To help you control the content of the map search page, there are a number of hooks available to insert content in the markup of the map search page.

WordPress Template Action Hooks for Map Search Page

  • hji_map_search_head -- Loads near the top of the head of the document.
  • hji_map_search_header -- Loads inside a #header div right after the opening body tag.
  • hji_map_search_footer -- Loads inside a #footer div right before the closing body tag.

Template Files for Map Search Page

If you would like to override the header and footer of the map search page you can create a file in the root of your theme or child theme for each of these sections. The file names are listed below as well as the default contents of each of these files. You can override or modify the content as you see fit. You'll want to check with Home Junction staff if you have questions about MLS compliance requirements for your market. Some markets have specific requirements for what should be on the page within the header or footer section.

Map Search Header Template Override

File Name:  map-search-header.phtml

Default header markup:

<a class="site-logo-link" href="<?php echo home_url(); ?>">
    <?php if ($siteLogo): ?>
        <img class="site-logo" src="<?php echo $siteLogo; ?>" alt="">
    <?php endif; ?>

Map Search Footer Template Override

File Name:  map-search-footer.phtml

Default footer markup:

$copyright = null;

if (function_exists('blvdFooterCopyright'))
    $copyright = call_user_func('blvdFooterCopyright');

if ($copyright)
    echo $copyright;
    echo '<div class="copyright">&copy;' . date('Y') . ' ' . get_bloginfo('name') . '. All rights reserved. <span class="powered-by-hji">Powered by <a href="">Home Junction</a></div>';


Please ensure that you have the correct version of our plugins installed, specifically Responsive IDX (rIDX) minimum version  3.3.0 and Users minimum version 1.5.0. Currently, the map base search will install itself at the search slug of your website (ie If that slug is already used by a page on your site, you'll want to switch your current search page to another slug. If you've setup the page correctly and the map search page results in a 404 "Page Not Found" message, please re-save your permalinks to update the URL structure of your site.

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