Our Commitment

Home Junction is committed to making its desktop site, and the mobile website accessible for all viewers. As the law and accessibility standards continue to change and we strive to deliver the most up-to-date content online, please understand that our efforts to improve online accessibility are ongoing. We encourage you to report any accessibility issues you may encounter by contacting us at so we can assist you. We also encourage you to contact us to determine if any alternative communication methods or accessibility formats are available.


Accessibility by UserWay Plugin

In effort to make your websites more accessible, we recommend Accessibility by UserWay plugin. UserWay helps you to accommodate users with disabilities. It has a very simple installation process, which could be followed here.

Accessibility Notice

Per NAR's recommendation we now include an Accessibility notice page on all our website setups. This page will inform your user about the resources they may use to make their web experience better. Feel free use our copy of the Accessibility notice if you need one.

Adding Accessibility Notice to the Menu

Like any other page on your site, the “Accessibility” page could be easily placed in the primary menu:

  1. Navigate to Appearance -> Menus

    2. Select the menu you would like to add the “Accessibility“ page into or create a new one.

3. To find the “Accessibility” page go to the "Add menu items" side-bar, click and expand "Pages" and select the Search tab. (If you don't have a page already, you'll need to create one. Feel free to use our copy.)

4. Check the box left to the “Accessibility”, and press the “Add to Menu” button.

5. The  “Accessibility Resource” will appear on the bottom of the menu. Simply drag and drop it to the correct location in the hierarchy of the chosen menu.

6. At the end click the “Save Menu” button located on the right-top, or right-bottom of your menu.

If you chose to add the  “Accessibility” page to the navigation menu, make sure that the menu you add the page to is select, as a “Main Menu” option under the “ Manage Locations” tab.

If you are looking to place the link to the footer, among other resources you providing your client, please follow our directions on “How to create a custom footer”(coming soon).

If you need assistance with installing the plugin to your site, please contact our client support team.

858.777.9533 x4

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