Users Plugin Overview

Users Plugin Overview

What makes HJI User so great, is that it helps you get to know your users and understand what they're looking for, making following up on leads not only easy but well informed. 

The Users plugin provides end-user tracking for your website as well as a user section for visitors to the site. 

Users can create an account to save IDX property searches and receive alerts on those searches when new properties match the users saved criteria. The plugin also allows the user to mark individual IDX properties as "favorites". The user will receive email alerts when the saved properties have a status or price change. Users are now able to log in with social media (Google+ or in addition to regular email. They have the option of choosing to log in with Google+, Facebook, or email. The login feature of the Users plugin is completely separate from the WordPress login system.

User data is saved to the Home Junction Slipstream API and is relative to the API license key. This means that if you have several websites using the same license key, users' data will be shared among those sites. A user can create an account on one site and will be able to see their saved properties or searches on any of your websites with the same license key. 

----- Below is an example of the login button. No passwords are required to login

---- Below is an example of a login modal.

----- Once we are signed in, we will see the top bar has changed into a dialogue that will can either show us favorite properties we have saved, show us searches we have saved, or log us out

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