How do I add the Schools Plugin to a page?

You can add the Schools plugin by using the visual editor on any page or by using the shortcode. Alternatively, you can also add the Schools plugin as a widget on your homepage.

Start by selecting the HJI Schools icon in visual editor:

You will see a pop up where you can pinpoint the area that you would like displayed. 

See below for a detailed explanation of each field. 


  • Select Widget: There are 6 dropdown options: Schools List, Schools Details, Schools Demographics, Schools Enrollment, School Gender, and School District
  • Address: Enter any address here and click on “Geocode” on the right side to find the coordinates of the address. The coordinates will automatically appear in the box below
  • City: Enter any city.
  • County: Enter any county.
  • State: Enter any state.
  • Zip: Enter any zip.
  • Coordinates: If you know the coordinates, enter them here. If not, use the Address field and the Geocode button to grab the coordinates.
  • Bounding Box: Alternate field for creating a boundary.
  • Page Size: How many schools will be displayed per page. For example, if you set this to “20”, then 20 schools will be displayed per page. If there are 100 schools, there will be 5 pages.

The first step is to select the widget you want to display. The options are available from the “Select Widget” dropdown menu.

The above image shows the possible widget options.

Schools Details, Schools Demographics, Schools Enrollment, School Gender all have a slightly different form (see below).


  • Location: Type in a neighborhood, city, or zip code here. A list will drop down momentarily for you to select the correct location.
  • School: You must select a location before using this field. If you have, a list of schools will drop down when you click on this and you may select your desired school.
  • School ID: If you know the school ID, you can enter this manually. If you do not, this field automatically populates when you select a school in the field above it.


Base shortcode: 
List:  [schools city="" state=""]
Details:  [school_details id=""]
Demographics:  [school_demographics id=""]
Enrollment:  [school_enrollment id=""]
Gender:  [school_gender id=""]
District:  [school_district coords=""]



This parameter is entered through the widget settings.

Valid Parameters:
Any valid address. Example: 8111 San Vicente St. San Diego, CA


Enter any US city.

Valid Parameters:
Any valid US city. Example: San Diego


This parameter will accept any valid US county.

Valid Parameters:
Any valid US county. Example: Santa Clara County


This parameter will accept any valid US state.

Valid Parameters:
Any valid US state. Can also use the appreviation. Example: Washington


This parameter will accept any valid US zip code.

Valid Parameters:
Any valid US zip code. Example: 95122


This parameter will contain 1 pair of coordinates for a specific location.

Valid Parameters:
A longitude coordinate and a latitude coordinate, separated by a colon. Example: 32.7105164:-117.0297968

box (advanced):

This is the parameter for the “bounding box” field in the settings.

Valid Parameters:
2 pairs of coordinates, separated by commas. Example: 32.78573,-116.732255,32.61,-116.98


Determines how many records are displayed per page.

Valid Parameters:
Any number greater than 0. Example: 20

circle (advanced):

Similar to the coordinates option, but with a third attribute for radius size. Example: [schools circle=”LAT:LONG:RADIUS”]

Valid Parameters:
A latitude coordinate followed by a colon, followed by a longitude coordinate, followed by another colon, and a number for the radius in miles. Example: 39.241112:-84.412079:2


This parameter is the school ID assigned to each school. This parameter is required for the widgets details, gender, demograhics, and enrollment to work. Since it is not usually common knowledge, it is best to select a location first and then the school from the dropdown list. This field will automatically populate.

Valid Parameters:
A valid school id, usually a numeric or alphanumeric value.


The name of a school.

Valid Parameters:
A valid school name.


A neighborhood, city, or zip.

Valid Parameters:
A neighborhood, city, or zip that is in our database. Example: Chicago, IL


[schools address="8707 Adobe Bluffs Dr" city="San Diego" county="San Diego" state="CA" zip="92129" coords="32.9733917:-117.1413131"]


The Schools widget can be found on the Widgets page. On your Dashboard, under Appearance, select the Widgets page.

On the left side, you will see available widgets. Click and drag the “HJI Schools” widget from the left side to a field on the right side. In the example above, I placed it under “Home Page Widgets”. This will place the HJI Schools plugin on your homepage.

Once you have done that, the settings will open up where you can give the widget a title if you wish. Then, select the type of widget for the type of information you wish to display: Schools List, Schools Details, Schools Demographics, Schools Enrollment, School Gender, or School District.

The next step is to click on the “Settings” button. A window will pop up and here you can enter in the area of your choice. See the Settings section above for an explanation of each of the choices and the parameters section for what you can input in these fields.

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