How do I Create Parent Child Maps in GeoFarms

Creating parent map with child maps

One of the first step that you need know which page is going to be the parent geofarm page. Then creating other geofarm pages that are supposed to be the parent geofarm page’s children.

Here is how you set a page to be another page’s child.

As you can see in this screen cap, I’m setting “Homes for sale in Briggs Ranch” as “Homes for sale in Folsom”. After you choose the parent page from the dropdown (this page needs to be created beforehand), the slug of the parent page will also be added to the child page’s url.

The next step is making the parent page show the map with all of its children. 

In parent geofarm page, under Area Map section, switch Output Option to “Map”. Update the page.

One of the most important steps is setting the right are map to child pages. The shape that you choose for the child map will show up on the parent map.

I will demonstrate how to adding in “Homes for Sale in Briggs Ranch” geofarm page.

This is how the map looks like before I add in the child page’s map. (All of other shapes were added in with the exact same steps that I’m going to show) 

  • 1.      Go to the child page, and again looking at the “Area Map” Section. Click “Select Map” button. You will see this popup 

  • 2.      In the text field, type in the right area. Choose the right area.
  • 3.      Wait for the map to be loaded. Then click “Insert”
  • Here is the parent map after I added in Briggs Ranch
  • If you click on any child shape, it will take you to the right child page.
  • Note:
  • -          All of the child pages HAVE TO be correctly set as child pages of the parent page in order to be on the parent map.
  • -          You HAVE TO set the area map for the child page to see the right shape appear on the parent map. If you choose the same map for more than one child pages, the shapes will be overlapped and will not give right result.
  • -          If you don’t set child page’s area, that child page will just simple NOT be in the parent map. 

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