How do I add Pocket Listings onto a Page?

You can add your Pocket Listings onto a page by  typing out the shortcode, using the shortcode button in the visual editor, or by adding a widget to your homepage.


Base shortcode:  [pocket_listings]



The only option is all.

Valid Parameters:

How many results should be returned?:

You can choose how many pocket listings will be displayed.

Valid Parameters:
Any integer statement.


Choose how many columns you want the listings to be displayed in. If you choose to pick slider also, don’t choose 3 or 4 columns for the output because it currently displays improperly.

Valid Parameters:
one, one-half, one-third, one-fourth


Checkbox to toggle slider on/off. If you choose this option, make sure the results are displaying properly. If you only have 2 pocket listings, there will show 4 listings and it will make duplicates for example. If slider is on, pagination will not show.

Valid Parameters:
1 for on. Take it off the shorcode for off (zero will not work for removing slider).


Adds pagination for the pocket listings.

Valid Parameters:
1 for on. Take it off the shorcode for off (zero will not work for removing slider).


[pocket_listings style="one-fourth"]

Shortcode Button

The Pocket Listings widget can be easily added in the Visual Editor by clicking on the first icon under “Paragraph”.

A popup of the widget settings will appear.

See shortcode section for valid parameters.

Adding the Pocket Listings Widget

Under Appearance > Widgets, drag the "HJI Featured Pocket Listings" widget from the left side to the Home Page Widgets section. Fill out the form depending on how you would like the listings to appear.

Title - Title of the Widget

Category - These are the categories that you may have added for the Pocket Listings. If you have not added any, the default would be to display all Pocket Listings.

How many results should be returned? - A number of how many Pocket Listings you want displayed

Output Style - How many listings you want per column. Recommended is 3 or 4 listings per column.

Slider On - Check this box if you want your listings to display as a slider

Pagination - Check this box if you have more listings than "How many results should be returned?" For example if you put 10 listings for the "How many results should be returned?" but you have 50 listings total, you will want to check this box so that there will pages for the user to click through. 

Widget Width - How wide you want the widget to display. Recommended setting is "Full Width."

Title Style - Default is to leave as is.

Box Style - Default is to leave as is.

Custom CSS - *Advanced - Field for adding custom css classes to your widget box. 

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