Listing Details

Listing Details Action Hooks

The following action hooks are located in their respective places within the listing details template ( listing-details.phtml) for the purpose of rendering extra content in designated places.

Each action hook passes $listing object variable into the callback.

  • ridx_listing_details_before_listing
  • ridx_listing_details_before_main_info
  • ridx_listing_details_after_main_info
  • ridx_listing_details_before_description
  • ridx_listing_details_after_description
  • ridx_listing_details_before_maps
  • ridx_listing_details_after_maps
  • ridx_listing_details_after_listing

Example: Renders "Listing by {Agent Name}" below property details summary

add_action('ridx_listing_details_after_main_info', function($listing) {
    echo '<div>Listed by ' . $listing->listingAgent_name . '</div>';

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