SpatialMatch IDX

SpatialMatch is a map-based lifestyle IDX search solution. Offering property search and neighborhood exploration functionality. Geospatial information with: neighborhood boundaries, demographics, schools, points of interest and more.

SpatialMatch IDX is a separate plugin for WordPress outside of our Membership line of plugins. This plugin is intended for customers that only want the IDX and don't necessarily have the need for the rest of the plugins included into Membership. SpatialMatch IDX can be downloaded from

If you're a Membership user, SpatialMatch IDX is already available to you as part of the Responsive IDX plugin and you do not need to install it separately.



1. Go to your WordPress admin "Dashboard" area and select the Plugins item from the left side menu.  Click on the Add New button near the top of the page  (next to the page title Plugins).
2. If you haven't already downloaded the plugin from the site, search for "spatialmatch" in the Search Plugins box.  Otherwise click the Upload link and locate the plugin file in that you previously saved to your computer.
3. Click the Install Now link to begin installing the plugin.
4. Once the plugin has been installed, click the Activate Plugin link.
5. Click the SpatialMatch IDX > Settings menu item on the left side of the WordPress Dashboard.
6. If you already have a SpatialMatch IDX license key, enter it under the License Key settings and click Save Changes.  If you don't already have a SpatialMatch IDX license key, you can request one from the same page by clicking the Get License Key link.
7. Once you have specified your license key your licensee and market information with the link to the IDX page will appear below. Click the IDX URL link to view the SpatialMatch IDX in action.
8. At this point all your SpatialMatch IDX settings are automatically configured based on your licensee and general WordPress settings. Feel free to adjust them to fit your needs.
9. Add a link to the SpatialMatch IDX URL into your main navigation to allow your website visitors access the application.

Plugin Options

Located on the left hand side of your WordPress admin Dashboard under SpatialMatch IDX

Currently, there are 3 main pages: Settings, Leads and Help.


Settings is broken down into 4 distinct tabs: License Key, General, Map and Colors.

License Key

Under License Key tab you can obtain and configure your license key. View markets available to you as well as your licensee information.

General Settings

IDX Page Slug - allows to change your IDX URL in following format{idx_slug} where {idx_slug} is the namespace for your IDX page. By default IDX slug is set to "property-search".

Permalinks have to be enabled in order for SpatialMatch IDX to be accessible via its URL. Go to Settings > Permalinks and make sure Common Settings are set to any option but "Plain".

Leads Email - here you can ender one or more email address where form inquiries and user registration notifications will be emailed to. If left empty, notifications will be forward to the admin email configured under general settings of the site (Settings > General).

User Registration Settings:

- Require User Phone Number - by checking this box website visitors will be required to enter their phone number during registration process. Leave empty if you wish to keep it optional.

- Prompt to Register - by checking this option website visitor will be automatically prompted to register after viewing configured number of listings. Allow to opt-out option lets visitors to close the registration dialog and proceed with using SpatialMatch IDX without registration. However, users will be prompted to register on every consecutive property they view.

Inquiry Form Settings - self-explanatory and pertinent to the inquiry form located on the listing detail pages. One thing to note: agent photo - if not selected, site logo will be used in its place by default.

Site Logo & Navigation - this section makes your IDX relevant to the rest of your site. Not only you can brand the IDX page with your logo, you can make it part of the site by embedding the same navigation configured under Appearance > Menu. Alternatively, you can select a different menu or none at all if you use your IDX as a landing page.

Map Settings

Google API Key - we strongly advise you to create your own Google Maps JS API Key, which will ensure uninterrupted work of your IDX. While we do include our internal key into the application, we reserve the right to limit number of calls made to the API. 

At the time of this writing, Google offers very generous monthly credit of $200/mo for Google Maps, which translates to 28,571 map loads per month. Being a single page application, SpatialMatch IDX is very frugal, and only loads its map once per session. User interactions, like map panning and zooming are not counted toward map loads, therefore the service is free to most users with under 1K daily unique website visitors.

Map Centering options allow you to specify map's default positioning to any location by entering its coordinates. You can also configure zoom level to fit your requirements. If you're a member of multiple MLS markets, you can select market that should be loaded by default.

By default, the first market on the list is selected automatically and map positioned to the most populated city within the market's boundaries.


Color options allow you to blend your SpatialMatch IDX with the rest of your site's look. While this section is pretty self-explanatory, keep in mind that background options in each section will adjust its dependent colors automatically. For example - you may want to make your final adjustments to "Foreground Text" and "Links" colors only after you settled on the "Background", otherwise the will be re-calculated.


User Interface

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