Display Listing Agents on Their Own IDX Listings

Agents, from the Agent Roster can be automatically displayed on their own listings in Responsive IDX. Any leads generated via property inquiry or showing request forms will be routed to their respective agents as well. This will also enable display of current listings and past sales on agents personal profile page.

To achieve this, you need to make sure each agent in the Agent Roster has their MLS Agent ID filled out. This will allow IDX listings to be matched with their listing agents in Agent Roster.

Step 1: Lookup MLS Agent IDs in Responsive IDX

In the Admin Dashboard, go to Responsive IDX settings and click on Offices/Agents tab.

Lookup agents with their Agent MLS ID by clicking "Add" button under the Agents section. The added agent IDs will then become available inside Agent Roster's post editor.

Step 2: Associate Agents with their Agent MLS ID

Go to Agent Roster, click Edit link next to the agent who's Agent' MLS ID you want to assign.

Scroll down to Agent ID field and select a corresponding ID from the dropdown selection field. Click the "Publish" button to save your changes after you're done.

From this point agent's contact information will be displayed on their respective listings, as well as leads routed to the email address entered within their agent roster profile. If email address is not provided, leads will go to the Leads Email Address configured under Responsive IDX general settings. 

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