How do I add a testimonial?

Under the Agent Roster plugin, you are able to add testimonials for specific agents. See our  example testimonial for a guide to filling out a new testimonial. You can also add your testimonials to the main menu

Add a New Testimonial

On the left sidebar, locate Agent Roster > Add New Testimonial

  1. Enter the title for your testimonial 
  2. Add the testimonial in the text box
  3. Select which agent the testimonial belongs to on the right side, under the "Agent" section 

Example Testimonial

This is an example of how testimonials are normally set up. In the title, we put the author of the testimonial, usually the name of the client who worked with the realtor. In the text box, we placed the testimonial. And then lastly, we selected the agent that the testimonial belongs to. 

It is recommended to keep all the testimonials in the same format and to edit the testimonials to ensure proper grammar and punctuation to keep the site looking professional. 

All testimonials will be available to view under each agent's page, under the "Testimonials" tab. 

How to Add Testimonials to the Menu

If you would like to add your testimonials to your menu as a separate page, you will need to add it as a "custom link" in the Menus settings page. If you are unfamiliar with adding menu items, please take a look at our  Adding Menu Items guide. 

Under Appearance > Menus, select the "Custom Links" on the left side. Enter /testimonials/ in the URL section, and then "Testimonials" under Link Text. Then click on "Add to Menu." Now you will be able to click and drag the item to where you would like it displayed on the main menu. 

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