SpatialMatch Overview

This Plugin is Deprecated as of 01/01/2018 -- Ask us about our "Spatial Match 2.0" product.

SpatialMatch is an interactive map that displays properties available for sale or for rent. Other features of SpatialMatch are recent sales listings, new construction listings, and lifestyle areas. With this plugin, you can select a district, subdivision, neighborhood, city, zip, county, or school district as your boundary. This will create an outline of that area and will show everything for sale or rent inside the boundary. 

Example: The above shows the Alamo Heights neighborhood and the listings inside the neighborhood. 

Why doesn't SpatialMatch work on mobile?

Please note that SpatialMatch does not work on mobile. It will automatically disappear on mobile devices. This is because the plugin is meant to be a desktop interactive experience. On a mobile device there is not enough space for users to use the plugin properly.  

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