Why are there no results for my address?

The Home Value plugin uses public data records to display information about specific properties. If you are receiving an error, double check that you have spelled the address correctly. If you find that a specific address is not showing up, but you believe that it should be in the public data records and thus should be showing up, please let our customer service team know the specific address and we will work on updating our plugin to better serve our customers. 

Our AVM (automated valuation model) runs from comps/recent sales from our public record database which we update every week but that data is only as good as how often the counties in your area update the data.  Most counties update on a monthly basis but some counties will wait up to a full year to update it.  Also, our public records data is very good but in some areas our coverage is light since it is based upon our client concentration areas.  The AVM will get better as we add more data and coverage.

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