Why don't listings show the right image when sharing on facebook?

Whenever you're sharing a listing on social media, a big part of sharing that listing is being able to share the correct image associated with that listing. Facebook uses special meta tags to know which images should be associated with a shared page. If your website is hosted on Home Junction servers we use a plugin called WordPress SEO to provide these special meta tags. If listings from your website do not show the correct IDX listing images, it's probably because of an update issue with WordPress SEO. This is quickly and easily solve-able by adjusting some settings in the admin of your Home Junction website.


  1. Login to the admin of your site at http://YOURWEBSITE.com/admin
  2. Navigate to the Social menu under the SEO tab (step 1 in the image above)
  3. Click the facebook tab.
  4. Uncheck and re-check the Open Graph meta data checkbox if it's already checked. If not checked, simply check it. (step 2 in the image above)
  5. Save your changes (step 3 in the image above)
  6. Double check that sharing an IDX listing on facebook pulls all of that listings images. If not, please report the issue to the Home Junction support team for assistance.

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