Home Junction Hosting

Home Junction strives to offer the most complete website product for Real Estate industry professionals. From end-to-end Home Junction has you covered with best in class website hosting, design, data, service, and support. Below are some details about our hosting platform and what you can expect when you choose to let Home Junction build your website.

Website Hosting Server Specs

  • Ultra-High Performance SSD Clusters - Lightning-fast disk response
  • High Availability Backup Servers - Nightly backups for 30 days and weekly backups for 6 months
  • Redundant, best-in-class Cisco network switches
  • NGiNX - a lightning-fast web server that enables high-performance page caching
  • PageSpeed - Resource caching module for NGiNX
  • PHP 7.2
  • Memcached - A general-purpose distributed memory caching system. Used in conjunction with PHP's Memcached extension.
  • MariaDB (a MySql replacement with better performance)
  • Malware and Website Defense - we stop the bad guys cold
  • HTTPS - Automated SSL/TLS "Let’s Encrypt" certificate renewals
  • pfSense - A trusted network firewall blocking malicious traffic
  • 24/7 System and Website Monitoring

Free Website Backups

Your website is backed up free of charge. If you ever need to restore your website to an earlier time, just contact support and we can restore your website from one of our backups, usually within a few hours. We backup your website nightly and keep 60 days of backups on file should we ever need to restore your site.

Website/Server Security

Website and network security is a high priority with Home Junction Inc. We automatically block most foreign countries from accessing your website and our network which means fewer attempts to hack your website. We also provide security monitoring and countermeasures against brute force attacks and Denial of Service style attacks.

Your website is only accessible in the US, Canada, Mexico, Latin America, the Caribbean, and certain parts of Western Europe. Please consult our network documentation page for more information

Server FTP Access

Home Junction does not offer FTP access at this time. We have plans to offer this in the future but there is currently no ETA on when that type of access will be available.

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