Site Performance

Site optimization and performance is extremely important to us here at Home Junction. Every site we build is optimized from the start for fast page load times and mobile performance.

Sites Hosted by Home Junction

Our website hosting infrastructure is state-of-the-art. We utilize SSD hard drives running on the latest versions of NGINX, MariaDB and PHP. What does this mean exactly? The hardware and software running the server that hosts your website is as advanced as it gets. Website hosting from Home Junction, Inc is best in class and you would be hard pressed to find a better WordPress website hosting company. We also optimize your site performance with Fast-CGI caching and PageSpeed asset caching which help to optimize the page load performance even further.

Limits of WordPress

Let's be honest. The WordPress platform, while wonderful in many ways, has it's limits. Since WordPress can be extended with plugins, it's very easy to add custom functionality to your website. The drawback to this extendability is that one poorly crafted plugin or the shear number of plugins installed on a website can negatively impact performance. We highly recommend that you limit the number of plugins you install on your WordPress website. If you have questions or concerns about adding functionality to your website or if you're concerned about how a particular plugin may be impacting your website, please contact us.

Looking for the Nerdy Server Specs?

Just visit our page on Home Junction WordPress Website Hosting for more details.    Server Specs

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