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Gravity Forms and rIDX


Home Junction uses a 3rd party plugin to handle form creation and notifications called Gravity Forms. This plugin is widely used within the WordPress community and is compatible with all Home Junction plugins and themes.

Gravity Forms integrates seamlessly with Home Junction plugins to allow users to send requests for more information about a listing as well as request to schedule a showing, complete with date and time selections from the user. This integration is achieved using nothing more than the shortcode for the Gravity Form.

Versions and Differences

There are two ways to integrate Gravity Forms and rIDX. How your site handles the integration will depend on the Home Junction theme that your site is using. Standard WordPress and older Home Junction themes use a 2 form system, one for Request More Information and another for Schedule a Showing. The Home Junction Boulevard Framework themes have combined those 2 forms into one form that has a conditional field for Schedule a Showing. If you have trouble with these forms, your Home Junction Support Representative will be able to determine which version your site uses.

Our latest themes support the single form, including:

  • Central Blvd
  • Arroyo Blvd
  • Latitude Blvd

All other themes and 3rd party clients use the 2 form system.


In the example images below, the first image will be the forms from within Gravity Forms followed by the shortcodes that are added to rIDX to complete the integration. The ID is the first number after the form title.

2 Form Setup

In this example we have 2 forms, one for Request Inquiry and another for Schedule a Showing. We can see an ID of 4 and 5, respectively, for each form. The shortcodes that are added to rIDX reflect that.

Gravity Forms - 2 forms

Gravity Forms - 2 forms

rIDX Shortcode Setup - 2 forms

rIDX Shortcode Setup - 2 forms

Single Form Setup

Here we see the single form setup. One form in Gravity Forms, which is used for both fields in rIDX settings.

Gravity Forms - 1 form

Gravity Forms - 1 form

rIDX Shortcode Setup - 1 form

rIDX Shortcode Setup - 1 form


Below you will find 2 JSON files. These files can be imported using the Gravity Forms import feature to add the forms to your site. This does not add the shortcodes to rIDX, however. That setting will still need to be updated with the shortcode after the forms are imported.

Description Download Link
Dual contact forms for standard WordPress themes 2 Form JSON
Single contact form w/ Schedule a Showing Toggle for Blvd Framework themes 1 Form JSON

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