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The Home Junction Zapier integration is currently in public beta. Setup the beta integration here.

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Home Junction now has a  Zapier integration with our products and services. Zapier is a tool that allows you to move data between systems and online apps easily, without the need for a high priced developer or complicated setups.

The following triggers are current available to choose from:

Trigger Description
New User Triggers when a new user is created.
New Login Triggers when user logs in.
New Form Entry Triggers when user submits a web form.
Property View Triggers when user views property details.
New Property Search Triggers when user conducts a property search.
New Property Valuation Triggers when user conducts a property valuation.
New Favorite Property Triggers when user saves favorite property listing.
New Saved Search Triggers when user subscribes to a property search.

Zap for New User Registrations

Zap for Form Submissions

Zap for Home Value Leads

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