Adding Listings to Agent Profile Pages

Before you begin associating agents from agent roster with listings from your MLS you'll need to make sure to add agent and/or office IDs to the rIDX plugin.

View instructions for creating an Agent profile page.

Boulevard 3 and 3rd Party Data Apps Clients

To add Agent Listings to the Agent Roster Agent in Boulevard 3 or when using other 3rd party themes, you will need to generate a shortcode to display those listings. The shortcodes can be placed in the content section of the agent roster page or within the shortcode fields. When placed in the shortcode fields, the template of the page will determine where and how the data is displayed on the page. The shortcode fields are designed to accept WordPress shortcodes when creating or editing an agent.

Simply put the generated shortcode in this field and publish/update the Agent page, and the listings will be output on the front end.

Because the Agent Listings field only accepts shortcodes, it can not be used to generate the shortcode. Luckily, the *Custom Tab Content* can be used to generate the shortcode so you do not have to leave the Agent Roster page. Simply click the HJI Responsive IDX Toolbar Button to generate the shortcode and copy/paste it to the Agent Listings field.

Don't forget to add Agent / Office IDs to HJI Responsive IDX.

Boulevard Framework Themes

With Blvd Framework themes, Agent Listings are controlled in a much more programatic way than previous versions of Boulevard. We have removed the need to use tricky shortcodes and custom searches and it is now as easy as adding the Agent's MLS ID and associating that ID with the Agent from within HJI Agent Roster!

Associating the Agent ID from HJI Responsive IDX to the Agent Roster Agent

From any page in the WordPress Dashboard, click on Agent Roster on the sidebar. This will take you to the All Agents section of HJI Agent Roster from which you can select the agent you want to associate the Agent ID with. Click the agent's name you wish to associate.

Once on the edit page for the agent, scroll down until you see the Agent ID. It is between Real Estate License ID and Primary Office. You should see a list of Agents with checkboxes next to their name. Click the box next to the Agent ID for the agent.

After that box is ticked simple scroll back up and click the blue Update button, and you are done!

Head back to the front end of your website and navigate to the agent's page to see their listings being pulled directly from the MLS and displayed on their page. These listings will update daily, just like the rest of the listings on your HJI WordPress Website.

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