Blvd Theme Framework

The Blvd Theme Framework is designed to make building themes on the Home Junction plugin system faster and easier. The framework helps improve performance across the platform by removing all plugin specific css in favor of theme css (no more overriding styles!). The framework also improves the process of building new themes by providing template tags, boiler plate for theme options, baseline css and more.

View the Changelog for release information.

How Blvd Framework Helps Themes

  1. Theme Options - A full theme options library for standard theme options which are shared between all HJI themes.
  2. Public functions and template tags - Many helper functions and template tags are made publicly available by the framework as an additional theme api. Many of these functions make it easier to interact with other HJI plugins by ensuring classes are loaded correctly or ensuring that plugins are installed and activated. This makes the theme developers' job easier so they can focus on template markup rather than logic. We also handle some validation to ensure that pages don't result in a PHP fatal error if a plugin is deactivated for any reason.
  3. Timber / Twig - Loaded from the Membership plugin, Blvd utilized the Timber template library. This library uses the Twig (php) template language to help us build better, easier to manage front-end templates. Blvd builds upon the work from Timber to provide some template "sugar" to help making the theme building process faster and easier. Timber documentation available here.
  4. Customized Bootstrap - We've stripped Twitter Bootstrap v3 down to it's bare essentials and made it better for customization. Themes built for the Blvd Framework call bootstrap based css modules from the framework using mixins and placeholders.
  5. Javascript Framework - A set of javascript components to help with adding functionality and improving of the UI of themes.

Additional Details

Setting up GeoFarms is much easier in the new Blvd Framework. The process is outlined here.

HJI Icon Font

See the Pen HJI Icon Fonts 2.0 by corradomatt (@corradomatt) on CodePen.

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