How to Point Your Domain Name to Home Junction Servers

When hosting your site with Home Junction, Inc you'll receive the benefit of top-tier support and your site will be hosted on some of the most advanced infrastructures in the World. When your site is hosted on our servers you'll need to point your new or existing domain name to our system.

Each domain name service (registrar) is different and may require different steps when pointing your domain name to our servers. You may need to contact the customer service team of your registrar to help you navigate their particular settings and options for managing DNS.

Let Us Handle It (Recommended)

Our top-tier support team can also handle your domain settings for you.
Ask your support rep or account manager for the email address you will be delegating control of your domain's DNS settings to. 

Most modern domain registrars provide an option to delegate access to your account. Delegated access provides us the ability to update the DNS records of your domain on your behalf. 
Follow the guide on how to delegate access through your domain registrar and invite the provided email address:

Don't see your domain registrar in this list? Your domain might be on a registrar that does not support delegated or shared access.
In this case, you may provide your domain registrar login information to your support rep or account manager. Our team will be happy to handle this process for you.

Configuring DNS Yourself

DNS Records 

Settings may vary between domain registrars but the typical settings you'll need are outlined below. The settings will vary depending upon which network your website is hosted on, either our US or World Network.

The settings shown below apply to sites hosted on our US network. The records highlighted by bold font are required. 

DNS Setting Type Host Points To
A Record @

CNAME Record www @
CNAME Record * @

Additional details about the settings:

  • Most registrars support the @ symbol as an alias for your bare domain in the Host column. If yours does not, simply replace @ with your bare domain, if your domain is you would simply use rather than
  • You will add the A Record entry for your bare domain, using the @ alias if your registrar supports it, as the Host, and point the entry to the IP address.
  • You will add a CNAME Record and set www as the host so that if your domain is the subdomain will also point to our network. Point that record to the bare domain, using the @ alias if your registrar supports it, which will in turn point the subdomain to our network.
  • Optional: If you will be hosting more than one website with your domain, for example,,,, etc then add another wildcard CNAME Record using the asterisk symbol * as the Host to point all subdomains to our network, as shown in the example above.

If your site will require access by a third-party team outside of the US or Canada for supplementary development or management please contact your support rep or account manager, the assigned external IP address will be example configuration: 

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