How to Setup Google Analytics Conversion Tracking Goals

In order for you to accurately track your registration conversions from your website in Google Analytics, you'll need to setup a goal in Google Analytics. Goals will help you track results for marketing campaigns you run that direct traffic to your website. This guide and video will help you create the goal if you're website uses the Blvd Theme system. If you are running a different theme, these instructions might not apply.

Video Guide to Setting Up Analytics Goal

If your website uses a Blvd theme, the following video will guide you to setup the goal in Google Analytics for tracking user registrations / conversions. If your website uses a different theme system, this guide may not apply.

Steps for Setting Up Analytics Goals

  1. Establish a Google Analytics Account
  2. Setup Google Analytics in Google Tag Manager or if you prefer not to use Google Tag Manager you can add your Google Analytics tracking ID to Blvd theme options.
  3. Create a Goal in Google Analytics admin with the following settings:
    1. Goal Type: event
    2. Under Event Conditions > Action: registration

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